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Repair & process development

In the Aerospace and Heavy Industrial Gas Turbine Industry, repairs and performance improvements through better repair technologies, better materials and/or modifications, have existed for many years.

Over the past 30 years, Leypex has developed many of those repairs, from scratch and piece part repairs, to full blown repair lines with multimillion dollars annual revenue.

These developments include:
- Data collection for dimensional and tolerance analysis (if necessary)
- Creation of 3D model for tooling and repair development (if necessary)
- Development of Repair Procedures and Repair Processes (including all required inspections)
- Creation of shop routers and inspection sheets / reports
- Design, drawing, and manufacturing of tooling and fixtures
- Advise, consultancy or Procurement of required equipment / processes (if requested)
- Training of operators and support staff
- Setup of repair lines and/or shopfloor layout i.a.w. lean manufacturing principles (if requested)


What works in Aerospace, could also be introduced in other industries. Example, machine and equipment manufacturers could start repairing components instead of replacing with new.

Below are just a few examples of components that have been repaired / improved.



                  Hydroplant Runner Before repair                                        After repair

New part price of a Hydro Powerplant Runner is several million USD. New Runners were no longer available.
Repair cost: <USD 500K.
Savings >one million USD
Actual savings is a many more millions as without the repaired Runner, the Hydro Powerplant would NOT be operational anymore


  Heavy Industrial Gas Turbine Vane After repair and Thermal Barrier Coating

Annual savings for the operator (powerplant) when repaired instead of replaced: >USD 600.000 per year per set
Risk is minimized by obtaining buy-in (repair process approval) from the Original Equipment Manufacturer.



Heavy Industrial Gas Turbine Nozzle Segments

Annual savings for the powerplant when repaired instead of replaced: > several million USD/year per Nozzle
Risk is minimized by obtaining buy-in (repair process approval) from the Original Equipment Manufacturer.


Similar repair processes and/or technical and performance improvements, could also be developed for your mechanical components.


Potential industries are:
- Automotive
- Aerospace
- Heavy industries
- Diesel engines
- Ship building
- Machine / Equipment manufacturing
- Construction
- Etc.


Are you considering to have repairs or repair procedures developed for your machine / equipment components?

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Also when you’re interested to learn more about repair opportunities, please call or email me for consult.